Bus chassis MODULES  instructions

Bus chassis MODULES  instructions

The chassis modules instructions are describing the working method for finalising the assembly of a complete chassis with the preassembled modules that are not attached on the chassis when delivered.

The chassis modules instructions also include information about other loose chassis parts that are to be used for the completion of the chassis.


The preassembled modules that are described in these instructions are defined as followed:


  • Driver area
  • Front module
  • Battery shelf
  • Rear module
  • Gas panel
  • Cooler
  • Powertrain
  • Attachment frame
  • Cooling tower BEV


Still to be added on this site are instructions containing information about part numbers and the application of torque. Until digitally uploaded, these instructions are supplied in the accompanying materials box on the chassis.

For questions and help please contact SPOC center:

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