Chassis Frame

Rear end adaptations

The following options are available to customise the rear of the chassis frame:

  • Length of rear overhang
  • Drawbeam design 
  • Trailer couplings and connections
  • Tow beam and end beam

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Body adaptation brackets and hole patterns

Order holes only for retrofitting of body adaptation brackets or body adaptation brackets fitted from the factory.

Reinforcement of rear overhang

To be able to equip a vehicle with, for example, a rear-mounted crane, the rear section of the frame may need to be reinforced. This option is available for vehicles with wheel configuration 6x2 with leaf spring suspension and chassis frame F958.

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Hole pattern for crane plates

This preparation is designed to facilitate fitting of crane plates for heavy cranes that require more mounting holes, in addition to the upper row of holes. It is also possible to have mounting holes in lines 2 and 3.

Mounting holes should cover the range 0-1.5 m behind the rear cab wall.

Ordering information:

NOTE: Special order 1

Please contact your market representative and state the following reference: 

Model guide/Product info:
Hole prep for crane plates (DFAX)