Electrical system options:

Sight, Visibility and Signaling

Work lighting

The following work lighting can be ordered:

  • Working lamp on back of cab wall
  • Working lamp at rear end
  • Fifth wheel lamp
  • Double fifth wheel lamps
  • Working lamp on side behind the cab
  • Additional working lamp via connector C489

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Tail lights

The following tail lamps are available from the factory:

  • Compact 7-chamber lamp assembly
  • LED lamp

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Rotating beacons

Rotating beacons can be ordered finished from the factory or in preparation for final assembly by the bodybuilder.

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High-mounted headlamps

The preparation for high-mounted headlamps includes the following:

  • A cable harness positioned behind the front grille panel
  • A switch positioned on the instrument panel

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Side marker lamps from the factory

According to the UN-ECE-R48 regulation, side marker lamps are required if the vehicle is longer than 6 metres and has bodywork. Side marker lamps are usually placed on the lateral protection and/or rear mudguard. When ordering side marker lamps from the factory and the vehicle has no lateral underrun protection or rear mudguards, the side marker lamps are delivered fitted for transportation. The bodybuilder must manufacture their own brackets and fit the lamps in their final positions in accordance with Scania’s certificate for light installations

Roof sign lamp

Roof sign lamp fitted at the factory or as a preparation. All parts are also available as spare parts.

The preparations include switches, lead through holes and a cable harness with connectors.

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Preparation for direction indicators and position lamp on the frontal protection system

Preparation with cable harnesses routed for connection of  lamps on frontal protection system. The option package includes cable harnesses for direction indicators, position lamps and ground.

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Variant code 7784B

Reverse alarm with noise signal

Finished solution with noise signalling reverse alarm that is more discreet and less disruptive to the surroundings. This signal warns people in the hazardous zone immediately behind the vehicle.

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Variant code 7123A

Tail lamp adapted for tail lift

Tail lamp with electrical connection on the reverse instead of on the side to free up space for installation of tail lift.

Ordering information:

Variant code 7129A