Power take-off options

Flange for EG power take-off

Flange with standard ISO/DIN100 fitted to the standard flange supplied with the EG power take-off.

Ordering information:

Variant code 7111B

Flange for EK power take-off

The following options can be ordered for EK power take-offs:

  • Flange as DIN 150 for power take-off EK740F
  • Flange as per ISO/DIN100 for EK power take-offs

Ordering information:

Variant code 7023A

Variant code 7023B

Flange for power take-off ED120

Flange fitted to power take-off ED120. The flange is adapted for connection of the propeller shaft according to standard DIN 100.

Ordering information:

Variant code 7094A

Preparations for PTO control

The vehicle should in the first instance be ordered with complete power take-offs fitted at the factory, but can also be ordered with different electrical preparations for PTO control.

More information: