EG power take-off

The gearbox driven power take-off, EG, transfers power from the gearbox to external equipment.  It is fitted on the gearbox and is driven by the gearbox’s layshaft and is normally not engaged. Before you activate the EG power take-off, the starter key must be in the drive position and the air pressure above 5 bar.

The bodybuilder can select other requirements to apply.


After driving, run the engine at idling for about 1 minute before shutting it down. Otherwise there is a risk of the turbocharger being damaged.

The vehicle might be equipped with several power take-offs.

You can control the engine speed to the EG power take-off by pressing + or - on the cruise control switch.


When you use the high-speed EG power take-off, the vehicle should be standing as level as possible. It may stand on a downhill slope only for short running periods.

For gearboxes with splitter gear, 2 different speeds can be given to the power take-off with the same engine speed, depending on whether low or high split is engaged when the gearbox is in neutral position.  

The split mode is changed manually using the auxiliary brake lever by  moving the lever towards you or away from you. 

When the EG power take-off is engaged, all gear changing is blocked while  driving. However, you can change gear while stationary  If  the vehicle  is  driven away  with  a  EG power take-off  activated ,  a  message  is displayed in the  instrument cluster.



Only engage and disengage the power take-off when it is unloaded. Only change gear when the power take-off is unloaded, otherwise the gearbox may be damaged.

  1. Make sure the vehicle is stationary.
  2. Depress the clutch pedal, if the engine is running or engage neutral.
  3. Press the switch.
  4. Wait until the power take-off symbol appears in the instrument cluster.
  5. Slowly release the clutch (manual gearbox), if the engine is running.


If no symbol is displayed after 10 seconds, slowly release the clutch so that the gears end up in the correct position. Do not press the switch again.


If there is abnormal noise from the automatic gearbox, immediately press  the switch. The power take-off is then disengaged  automatically.


If the power take-off symbol (automatic gearbox)  has not come on in the instrument cluster after 20 to 30 seconds, repeat steps 3 and 4.


  1. Depress the clutch pedal, if the engine is running, or engage neutral.
  2. Press the power take-off switch.
  3. Wait until the power take-off symbol goes out.
  4. Slowly release the clutch (manual gearbox), if the engine is running.

EG power take-off switch