Hill hold


Do not use hill hold if the road conditions are wintry due to the risk of  the vehicle skidding with locked wheels.

Use hill hold to facilitate hill starts.

To use hill hold:

  • Switch on the power in the vehicle
  • Press the switch, which is lit when hill hold is activated.
  • Now, when you depress the brake pedal a click is heard, thereafter the brake pressure is maintained so that you can release the brake pedal. The harder you depress the brake pedal the harder hill hold is applied.

Hill hold is available until you switch off the function by using the switch. If the function was activated when shutting down the vehicle, hill hold will be activated the next time the vehicle is started.


Hill hold is not activated if the brake pressure is too low or if ABS was active at the end of a brake application.

Hill hold switch


Always apply the parking brake before leaving the  driver area.

The hill hold releases after a few seconds if you release the pedals completely and the vehicle can start to move. A warning signal is heard and a warning text is shown in the display before the hill hold releases.

The hill hold releases directly when you engage a gear, release the brakes and accelerate lightly.