Instrument for vehicle information

Instrument cluster

  1. Speedometer
  2. Direction indicator
  3. Display
  4. General warning symbols and indicator symbols
  5. Tachometer
  6. Fuel level gauge
  7. Indicator lamps and warning symbols
  8. Engine coolant temperature gauge
  9. Display right, shows reductant level, outdoor temperature and clock.


The tachometer displays the engine’s rotational speed in revs per minute, rpm.

The gauge has 4 fields:

  • White, 0-2,000 rpm and 2,200-2,400 rpm.
  • Blue, 2,000-2,400 rpm. Here, the engine’s auxiliary brake is
    most powerful.
  • Red, above 2,400 rpm. When the engine speed is in the red field, there is a risk of damage to the engine.

Instrument Cluster

Display and symbols

More information on the display, general warning and indication symbols and special bodywork symbols are found in the following documents: