E-courses for bodybuilders

Our e-courses are intended for all bodybuilders. The courses will provide knowledge on Scania’s interface for bodywork equipment and create an interest to learn even more.

We now have introductory courses in the following areas:

  • Bodywork adaptation
  • Power take-off
  • Bodywork Communication Interface (BCI)

The courses can be carried out on Scania’s website for e-courses:

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Bodywork adaptation

This course will give you the basic knowledge on the mechanical bodywork adaptation on Scania vehicles, among others the following:

  • Subframe
  • Attachment
  • Reinforcement

Power take-off

This course provides the following basic knowledge regarding Scania’s power take-offs:

  • What a power take-off is
  • Scania’s power take-off range
  • Application examples
  • How to select the correct power take-off

Bodywork Communication Interface (BCI)

Learn more about the electrical interface between the vehicle's electrical system and bodywork functions.