New Sales training for Smart & Safe, our new electrical architecture!

We are launching new features and further strengthen our offer for Buses & Coaches.

These new features have been incorporated under our “Smart & Safe” umbrella.

Some key highlights of Smart & Safe are:

- Cyber Security Compliance

- Smart Dash

- Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS)

- Connected maps

- New electrical architecture

Under the training section, you’ll find our latest sales training for Smart & Safe. Our new electrical system brings new possibilities to our customers.

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CAVA training available

When using the electric PTO (PTO EL) it is essential that the installation parameters are within the specified limit values before commissioning can be carried out. This is important to avoid damage to the vehicle's VCB system and to avoid impair the function of PTO EL.

We are introducing the document “Measurements on PTO EL when commissioning” as a help for bodybuilders that will install bodywork equipment to the PTO EL connections.

The value range for each measurement point are described in detail in “Work on electric power take-off (PTO EL)”.

The measurements points aims just to the values that are affected by the operation of the bodywork system connected to the PTO EL. The bodywork equipment must comply with all other requirements stated in “Work on electric power take-off (PTO EL)”

This new document shall be taken as a routine guideline and can be incorporated in bodybuilder own commissioning routines for its bodywork equipment.

Scania might ask for the commissioning measurement values after the vehicle is taken in operation by the end customer, therefore it is important that bodybuilders are documenting this commissioning values in their own administrative routines for up to 8 years.

See also “Work on battery electric vehicles”;

New bus generation K-Chassis

New bus generation C-Chassis