Ordering of individual chassis drawings in 3D view

By providing the vehicle’s chassis serial number or factory order number, it is possible to order an individual chassis drawing in 3D view (frame hole model).

You will receive an e-mail message when the drawing is ready. Log in to the ICDICS web site to download the drawing. The drawing is available for a maximum of 30 days. You can download the following documents:

  • IC3D in STP format
  • ICS in PDF format

Description of the frame hole

The frame holes on the IC3D are marked in different colours:

  1. Green indicates holes intended for bodywork attachments.
  2. Dark green indicates reference holes for existing brackets from the factory.
  3. A hole without a colour means that there is a screw in it or the hole is free.
  4. A brown (maroon) hole means that it has a rivet in it.

Front axle position

The line on the frame side member in the side view shows the position of the centre of the first front axle.

Coordinate system

The plus sign in the top view is 50 mm behind the position of the first front axle. It is used internally by Scania R&D.