SDP3 Update

Automatic Update of Scania Diagnos & Programmer (SDP3)


Currently, automatic updates of the SDP3 software are available. The purpose of the Auto Update function is to provide new realeses quickly and easily to all users in addition to keeping the number of versions of SDP3 to all small number. 

The installation is managed in the background and will normaly not intrerrupt the usage of SDP3.


The recomendations and requirements to get access to the function are as follows:

  • Daily internet connection under a minimum of 90 minutes, prefererably when the computer is not in use.
  • Have the latest version of SDP3 installed. 

For more terms, view System requirements and recommendations for Scania Diagnos & Programmer, SDP3.


This is how it works

1. The installation files are downloaded to the local computer. The following is shown on the screen:

- Downloading Update

2. The re-installation of the application is started on the computer, if SDP3 is not in use. The following are shown on the screen:

The first time SDP3 is started after an automatc update the user will be informed about the installation of the new version. The version number is always raised on an automatic update.