3D models


If the IC3D is not giving sufficient information there is a possibility to order more thorough 3D for a specific chassis, to make sure that the bodywork fits and to facilitate bodybuilders development work.​

If your 3D programme can handle STEP AP242 as tessellated data, you can receive a 3D for the complete vehicle.​ Test your possibilities by open and handle the test file below since some software* are not compatible with tessellated data. The test shall be done before ordering 3D from Scania.​

If you cannot handle tessellated data you can still receive 3D from Scania, but then you have to choose limited number of areas to be received. See examples below.​

3D can be retrieved as soon as there is a factory order number available or if a Scania salesperson create an offer specification. The factory order number, chassis number or the ICD number will be used by Scania Bodybuilding Centre to generate the 3D documentation for the specific vehicle.​

*Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks might have problems while handling the tessellated data.  ​



1. Order 3D models from your market representative.

2. Your market representative will send your order to the Scania Bodybuilding Centre.

3. Scania Bodybuilding Centre will ask you to sign a Scania Digitally confidentiality agreement 3D.

4. Once the Scania Digitally confidentiality agreement 3D has been received by the Scania Bodybuilding Centre, the 3D model can be generated and sent to you directly


  • The vehicle’s chassis number, factory order number or ICD number
  • Statement whether you can handle tessellated data or not.​
  • Choice of 3D for a complete vehicle or 3D for the components that you require. State your need according to the examples below
  • A valid e-mail address were we will send the 3D models
  • Brief description of the purpose of your order so we can create a 3D model that fits your needs.

Complete Vehicle

In order to handle 3D models for a complete vehicle, your 3D software must be able to handle tessellated data and the Step format AP242. To check this, please download the test file and verify that the 3D model with the text "Test OK" can be opened and handled in your 3D tool. ​

Please contact your 3D software provider if you encounter any problems.

SCR Tank


Cab Structure

Cab Floor

Cab Front

Cab Rear Wall

Cab Roof

Cab Sides

EG PTO Side-Mounted

Compressed Air






Front Axle And Suspension

Front Axles and Suspension

Fuel Tank


Gearbox and Propeller Shaft

Mudguards front

Mudguards Rear

Rear Axle and Suspension

Rear Axles and Suspension

Side and Roof Air Deflectors

Transfer Gearbox

Side Skirts