Access rights

Access for Bodybuilder Portal

Too get full access to Body builder portal you need an XDS account at Scania. 

Please contact your Local distributor that will create an account for you.

Distributor IGA information: 

Bodybuilder: "Truck Body Builder Portal Independent Role" 

Distributors: "Truck Body Builder Portal owned Role"


Possible to order in bulk if you have a list with many users. You do it  from Scanianow



Scania CV AB 

Access for Instructions

Too login for Instructions you also need an Azure ID

The Azure ID is the XDS ID combined with …, i.e.


You can test what "Azure id" you have with this link. CV AB Y

Authorization for Type Approval and Certificates

To get access to Scania's certificates you will need to sign the following multi-stage cooperation agreement:

Scania CV AB