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Bodybuilder options

See the  preparations we recommend  for your bodybuilding to be as efficient as possible.

Declaration of Conformity

The DoC can be digitally signed with a mobile phone or printed and signed manually.

3D tool for display of options

Xerxes Bodywork Options is a 3D tool that presents a number of our options in a new way.


EG Top Mounted Power take-offs are introduced

EG top mounted power take-offs have been released in two models as EG730P and EG740F.

EG top mounted power take-offs are based on EK730/740 with the same position, ratio and power output. The difference is that the EG variant is clutch dependent, so it is not need to shut off engine to engage the power take-offs, but on the other hand it is not possible to use the EG power take-offs during driving with gear shifting.

These power take-offs have the same torque and power output as EK730/740 and suitable for application with high inertia connected to power take-off like vacuum cleaning, street cleaning etc. New EG top mounted power take-offs are backwards compatible with EK730/740 without changing entire power take-offs. Contact your Scania dealer for more information.

Maximum power: 250 kW

Maximum torque: 2000 Nm

Gear ratio: 1:1

Declaration of Conformity with Scania's bodybuilding instructions

Learn the process for the bodybuilder's declaration that the bodybuilding work has been completed according to Scania's bodybuilding instructions.

See the film in full format on the following page:

Customised optional solution for your application

Look in our new brochures, where we present optional solutions for multiple types of applications. Read directly from the general view or read the whole booklet for each application.

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