All Scania vehicles are equipped with tubes meant for facilitating routing of bobybuilders cable harness inside the instrument panel. The protective tubes facilitate retrofitting of cable harnesses, which may be required for e.g. new switches. The protective tubes have an inner diameter of 16.6 mm. There is a slight difference between left-hand drive and right-hand drive vehicles in that the tube on righthand drive vehicles is split while it is one full length tube on left-hand drive.​



Scania’s certificates are valid for trucks with Scania components fitted in a final position by a Scania factory or by a manufacturer appointed by Scania. The transport-mounted parts are connected to Scania’s component certificates and need to have installation certificate arranged by the bodybuilder.​

The bodybuilder is responsible for the vehicle’s bodywork and conversions. This means that application and receipt of final approval, certification or agreement with the certification authority is administered by the bodybuilder.​

A vehicle might be ordered from Scania without some of the components and functionality required by law, as components are often placed on or integrated into the bodywork. The bodybuilder is responsible that the vehicle meets all relevant legal requirements before registering the vehicle on the specific market.​

Scania certificates are found under Laws and Regulations.​



As from 1st September 2021 any new registration of vehicles in EU must follow the new ECE R58-03 regulation.​

Rear underrun protective devices delivered from Scania from June 2021 have been certified according to ECE R58-03 and Scania contain a component certification.​

When the Rear underrun protective devices are delivered in transport position from Scania, the bodybuilder must arrange installation certificate with the Scania component certificate as a base. More information will be released in Truckbodybuilder instructions in due time including instructions how to finally assembly the transport positioned RUP.​

As for now the component certificate is available in Truckbodybuilder portal.​



According to the EU Waste Framework Directive from 5th January 2021 all products containing dangerous substances shall be reported to a database provided by the European Chemicals Agency. The database is called SCIP (Substances of Concern In Products). ​

The purpose for this program is to replace the hazardous substances through transparency on contents and informed choices when buying products, and to ensure these substances are not present in recycled products. ​​

Scania CV will use the new portal based on VIN code for submission of SCIP ID for each vehicle. ​

For parts containing Substances of Very High Concern that are assembled after factory, a new report for the assembled vehicle shall be submitted by the actor placing the vehicle on the market. This should be done by bodybuilder, dealer or the distributer, depending on the business agreement.



Area-view 360° systems and many other accessories are available as Scania Accessories.​

The range of accessories derives from close cooperation with the best brands on the market and valuable input from the true experts, our customers. For enhanced fuel economy, improved vision, better comfort – or for the pure pleasure of having a truck that looks great.​

The Scania accessories are included in Scania logistic routines and are covered by Scania warranties. ​

Many Scania accessories are suitable to assembly by bodybuilders since it is needed to integrate with the bodywork for installation.



A new Scania product, as for example the new GW-gearbox, may influence the installation of the bodywork.

Some of the GW-gearboxes have an oil cooler assembled in the area close to the ED PTO which may influence the use of the bigger hydraulic pumps such as variable displacement pumps.

When a variable hydraulic pump is planned to be fitted to the ED PTO and oil cooler for GW-gearbox is needed it is recommended to specify the gearbox with air cooling when possible, to facilitate assembly of a variable pump on the ED PTO.

To make sure the pump fits, we recommend ordering 3D from Scania to verify the design on the specific vehicle.


EG Top Mounted Power take-offs are introduced

EG top mounted power take-offs have been released in two models as EG730P and EG740F.

EG top mounted power take-offs are based on EK730/740 with the same position, ratio and power output. The difference is that the EG variant is clutch dependent, so it is not need to shut off engine to engage the power take-offs, but on the other hand it is not possible to use the EG power take-offs during driving with gear shifting.

These power take-offs have the same torque and power output as EK730/740 and suitable for application with high inertia connected to power take-off like vacuum cleaning, street cleaning etc. New EG top mounted power take-offs are backwards compatible with EK730/740 without changing entire power take-offs. Contact your Scania dealer for more information.

Maximum power: 250 kW

Maximum torque: 2000 Nm

Gear ratio: 1:1


EG PTO program for the GW gearbox

PTO overview:​

  • Driven directly by layshaft.​

  • Improved performance with higher torque and gear ratios.​

  •  Improved energy efficiency.​

  •  5 high gear ratio performance steps available.​

  •  Aluminium housings.​

  •  Flange adapters available from factory.​

Higher torque and gear ratio improves the overall performance of bodywork equipment.​
Higher gear ratio also allows lower engine speeds, which results in both lower noise levels and reduced fuel consumption.