Not just a new layout


Dear Colleagues,

On February 4th, the truckbodybuilder portal was transferred to the AEM platform. Same platform currently used for

This will strengthen system support and possibilities for development of new features and strengthening the bodybuilding process.

Other than the layout, the user will only experience minor changes in usage. You will still get quick access to clear, factually objective information on bodybuilding involving Scania chassis and we want you feel that we understand your needs and that you have our support. 

Obviously, only you can decide whether we have succeeded, so we are very interested in comments, reactions and suggestions for improvement of any kind.

As a user you should not experience any disturbances other than getting used to the new layout.


Scania Bodybuilding Centre

Declaration of Conformity with Scania's bodybuilding instructions


Learn the process for the bodybuilder's declaration that the bodybuilding work has been completed according to Scania's bodybuilding instructions.

See the film in full format on the following page: