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GB Market Overview

We are here to support you, the UK Bodybuilding community…

As a truck dedicated Sales Engineering team, we offer a full range of assistance to both bodybuilders and our Sales teams. The aim is to ensure that every Scania Truck that goes on the road meets the necessary legal and safety requirements, while maximising operational capability for our mutual customers. 

Our main areas of operation are:

• Guided offerings, base chassis specification and bodybuilder preparations

• Applications and chassis-bodywork integration engineering including

• Mechanical interfaces

• Electrical connections

• Hydraulic connections

• Bodybuilder support and training                         

• Type approval support

The team share these responsibilities, and we would be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.


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Contact Details

Telephone number:

01908 210 210



Postal Address:

Sales Engineering
Scania (Great Britain) Limited         
Delaware Drive,
Milton Keynes,
MK15 8HB

E-mail address:


Meet the team

Phil Rootham

Pre-Sales Technical Manager

Tel: 01908 329 295

Email: Philip.Rootham@scania.com 

Tony Hopkins

Sales Engineer – Trucks

Tel: 01908 329 298

Email: Tony.Hopkins@scania.com 

Rupert Barnard

Sales Engineer - Trucks

Tel: 01908 329 049

Email: Rupert.Barnard@scania.com

Eleanor Holder

Technical Assistant - Trucks 

Tel: 01908 329 474

Email: Eleanor.Holder@scania.com